Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Rail Bridge over the Yass River

This is closer to home - its the old 'tram line spur' bridge and trestle on the one way line that runs from the main Sydney to Melbourne railway line at Yass.  Trains used to back up from the Yass railway station about 5 miles to the Yass Town Station, then run back down the spur and continue their journey. These days you get off at Yass station and hope a taxi will come and collect you.


Steve Bennett said...

Is that a Crimson Rosella?

John said...

Yes! I was out at some roadworks between Sutton and Gundaroo, off the main track - we were re-building some unsealed rural roads. It was about 39C and around 2pm DLST when this flock of Rosellas flew in. I managed to get a reasonable shot of one but our watercart driver, Kenny Bell, 'talked' some down on to the ground. Ken's Father is a Ngunawal/Ngunnawal tribal ekder and his son Mark played NRL for the Raiders, St george and Eastern Suburbs.

Steve Bennett said...

Nice work by Kenny!