Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Fine Wool Centre of Australia

I mentioned earlier how the Yass District is regarded as the Fine Wool Centre of Australia and, in fact, produces great amounts of pasture grown super-fine woolclips.

A friend has a grazing property just outside of Yass so I thought I would include a few images of his property. His home sits high upon a hill with a north-easterly aspect towards the rising sun.

Many years ago he split his holdings and gave his son half the property. Looking down the long driveway which climbs the hill to his home you can see his son's property and home across the way.

All the way around you can see the rolling hills and the water catchment dams that give him good pastures and permanent water.


Steve Bennett said...

I was down in the ACT recently and noted that it was very green for this time of year... good to see!

John said...

Yes, The region has had over 300ml (12 inches) of rain since Christmas. Most welcome.