Monday, March 22, 2010

Boorowa - a pretty little old town

stled in the heart of my region is the Shire of Boorowa with its headquarters based in the town of Boorowa which is a very pretty town with many old buildings and a magnificant park and recreation area.

The Shire offices. With the centralisation of NSW government services many government departments closed their offices in regional areas. The role of providing those dervices locally devolved to Local Governement Areas who, with state assistance, set up Government Access Centres with in LGA Areas. Boorowa expanded its new shire offices to cater for this. One service it provides is for the local court hearings.

An older building in the commercial centre of town.

The old Boorowa courthouse which became a Craft Gallery after closing its doord as a judicial centre.

Part of the character of older rural towns is their eccentricities. This resident collects children's toys, especially stuffed toys, and has decorated the whole front fence and an old tree stump on the nature strip. On the day I took this photograph a neighbour appeared on their front verandah and was watching me. I do not think they are impressed by the attention their neighbours 'creative artistry' attracts.

Boorowa has a huge sporting and public recreation area, carefully landscaped and meticulously manicured. It provides for a large covered children's play gym equipped with devices aimed at stimulating children into athletic play.

Local lads use an open top wire cage which they drag the creek bed for yabbies.

Capable of living in virtually any body of fresh water including rivers and other streams, lakes, dams and even some temporary waters. Yabbies are active burrowers and are very hardy, able to withstand poor water quality and long periods of drought.

If a particular water course dries up, yabbies burrow deep into the bottom until they reach moist soil, where they presumably become very quiet. The scientific name destructor refers to the yabby's habit of burrowing into levee banks and dam walls where they can cause considerable damage.

Yabbies are excellent eating. They can be simply boiled for a few minutes in salted water or prepared in a variety of ways. They have a very sweet meat and the claws of larger specimens are particularly succulent. Compared to spiny freshwater crayfish, yabbies have much more meat for the size of the animal, although yabbies are much smaller than crays. A feed of yabbies is one of the most delicious meals you can try.

The park and recreation area has an Olympic sized swimming pool located within it as well as an adult 'fitness track' with strategically placed fitness equipment.

This very picturesque park and recreation area is a favourite with family groups for picnics and BBQ's, younger adults who use the fitness tracks, youths who make use of the rolling pathways for skateboard riding, the swimming pool for a summer dip, catching yabbies in the creek or for the littlies who enjoy the activities on the play gym which is covered by a massive sun shade sail.


Steve Bennett said...

the soft toys are a bit odd.

John said...

Ahhh well! Every area has its eccentrics! As I suggested, I don't think the neighbour is impressed. LOL!