Thursday, March 25, 2010

On the road again

Going away again this Saturday.

Have to have an MRI and X-Ray studies of my left knee on Friday and anticipate a new titanium knee joint in May, so Saturday Rhonda and I are heading off for four days to explore the old gold trail from Boorowa through Frogmore and Reid's Flat to Darby's Falls and MacDonald's Mountain - will stop in at the observatory there, one of the largest remaining optical telescope observatories in the southern hemisphere - and spend a few nights at the Wyangala camp!

I know a little bistro tucked away at a golf club up that way that sells prime Angus Beef steaks that will melt in your mouth and locals who are the salt of the earth and very friendly towards visitors.

I have been given some vague directions to a remote cemetry deep in the bush that contains the graves of many early workers from last century, so we hope to locate that and see if we can trace any of the residents origins.

Stop The Presses:  Rhonda has told me that one of my favourite Bush Shirts did not go the distance in this weeks wash and I need to look at getting some replacement shirts. So a trip to Goulburn and a visit to Goulburn Workwear and Outdoor clothing is on the agenda for today.  May use the time to do some exploratory work out around the the old Kenmore Mental Asylum that I have heard is being redeveloped into a Bed & Breakfast accommodation resort.

Post script. - Have had the MRI and scans - don't look good - titanium knee coming up!  See the specialist tomorrow with Rhonda for the news.

Did find that cemetry - bit of a mystery bag  what was there. Some old pre-1900 graves but a few later roughly delineated and unmarked graves. Got a lead on two more graveyards in old church grounds, so maybe some church records as well.

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