Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our friend 'Neen

We are fortunate to have a lovely friend named Jeannine but everyone just calls her 'Neen.

Neen is English born and migrated to Australia with her parents many decades ago. Her father is now quite frail and is in a nursing home, however her mother still lives independently. Here's a photo of my wife Rhonda with Neen's  mum and Neen (in that order left to right in the picture.)

That picture was taken at our current home, late in Spring. Neen has visited us in each of our homes - we did move around a bit after we became 'empty nesters' - but she especially loved visiting us when we lived on the Far south coast of NSW and, in particular, she really enjoyed taking our dogs for a walk on the nearby beaches.

Miss Socks, the black and white Smithfield Heeler on the left of picture is no longer with us, having passed on some years back, however, Denny, the Blue Cattle/Whippet cross is still very much with us but spends most of his days sleeping now that he's "matured".

Neen often visits us and even the cold of winter here does not deter her. Here we have Rhonda and Neen out for a bit of a walk and some 'window shopping' on one of her visits last year. We are expecting her again in two weeks so we are hoping for some milder weather.

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