Sunday, July 4, 2010

Frosts in the backyard

It's Sunday morning here and Rhonda was rostered off for today and tomorrow so she got a 'sleep-in' for a change - no 4.45am getting up and making her a cup of coffee before she headed off to the shower before preparing for her 90klm drive to the hospital,

We knew it was going to be cold last night - could feel winter's 'bone-chilling' effects and a -5C was forecast.

Well, we slept under the doona snug and warm until Denny-the-Dog came down to the bedroom at 9.00am and told us that it might be OK for us guys but he really needed to "GOooooo!"

When I took him out the sun was already on its way up but the yard was still covered in frost even at that hour!

Thought it had been cold - even the garden gnomes had a frosty beard!

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