Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Phone call I didn't want

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital ("The Alfred") Sydney

Phone rang at 9am. It was the receptionist from the urologist's rooms. He had the report of my retrograde pyleogram. He wants to see me earlier than 29th September and has made time for me at 10am on 6th September - day after we return from Hobart, Tasmania!

Oh well!  It will be off to The Alfred to see the Director of Physician Training, Dr Ted Wu, the 'head honcho' in urology, and a guided cystoscopy which will probably mean incising any stricture.  



Gill - That British Woman said...

well that sucks, mind you I suppose the sooner you see him, the sooner you get treatment?


John said...

Yes! Its what that treatment involves that is upsetting. After so much bad experience with poor urologists i know I'm looking at a surgical intervention, catheter and bag and an extended period of bladder rehabilitation.