Saturday, September 11, 2010

Belconnen Markets

Friday and we decided we still had a taste for seafood but fresh seafood is unobtainable in Yass so I drove to Belconnen Markets in Canberra - round trip 160klms. I love the markets as there are so many specialty shops there that we don't see in Yass - small cafes for drinking coffee along the walkway adjacent to the carpark, several large fruit and vegetable shops that reflected Canberra's very cosmopolitan population in the wide range of choice of fresh and exotic fruit and veges, a sizeable fish market popular with the Asian population, and of course, Tees Chinese Cafe - a must for indulgement in fast Chinese food.

Parking was at a premium as construction work for new shops was using up much of the available space,

But I was soon inside and able to peruse what was on offer:

Fresh fruit to take up to Wyangala with us on the weekend:

Silver Dory fillets and Clyde River Oysters on-the-shell for dinner:

Some Spanish Morcilla blood sausage for breakfast from the delicatessens:
I bumped into my old friend 'Neen who was on a lunch break from the ATO office so we went to Beppes for a coffee - the best and about the only coffee I will indulge myself with:
Then over to Tees for some Salt Flakes and Prawn Paste and where I also collected a serving of Singapore Noodles with steamed vegetable dumplings to take home for my lunch:

And finally to Choice Liquor Wholesale Warehouse for a bottle of gin and some dinner wines (also destined for Wyangala) and that was my day shopping in Canberra as the rain began to fall.

It has been a damp introduction to spring - we've had 80mm of rain in 11 days of September and the lawns I cut on Wednesday need cutting again on Saturday!

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Steve Bennett said...

Likewise John, we too have had a damp August and September to date. Not often do we get a wet dry season, but the garden and vegies and lawn are not knocking it back.

Prelude to a good wet? We'll see...