Saturday, September 18, 2010

Loneliness and Solitude

Its been a while since Rhonda has worked evening duty shifts, almost three months - since before my knee replacement operation - and has now gone back on to rotating rosters (in order to pick up and extra weeks annual leave entitlements + the penalty rates involved).

Tonight is especially felt as she is doing a 'back-to-backer' shift - an evening shift tonight, a sleepover and a morning shift tomorrow - and, to be quite honest, I've been so spoilt with her presence each evening that I truly miss her.

Brings me to the question of "Loneliness" versus "Solitude"! There is a distinct difference.

Loneliness is a state of feeling cut off from and longing for others, due to lack of contact  - physically, emotionally, etc. - with people, whether acquaintances, friends, or loved ones. Loneliness is not to be confused with solitude, where a person may appreciate the time to think and reflect without distraction. The latter is the state of being alone in solitary isolation.

Loneliness means the forlornness i.e. sadness, resulting from feeling forsaken (or abandoned, in extreme cases). In its lesser form, as I am experiencing, it may also be the state of loneliness i.e. a disposition toward being alone.

Solitude is a choice action. I frequently seek solitude and will take off to "The Camp", either by myself, or, with Denny-the-dog for company, to write, paint, walk and take photographs, or even just to wander over to the village and the Country Club and chat with the locals over a few beers. 

I find that "solitude" is quite healthy and when I'm ready i return home feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Tonight, its not solitude, its loneliness. The same loneliness I felt when I was physically disabled after my back surgery and, more recently my knee replacement, and I was confined within the house while Rhonda went out, to the shops or even to work. I'm not confined to house today, tho', in fact, Denny-the-dog and I went for a drive around town, did some 'sticky beeking' and some shopping. But now, as evening comes on and the sun sets we are inside with the heater on and relaxing - Denny is so relaxed he's snoring - but I realise that its not going to be until this time tomorrow before Rhonda comes home.

Probably a really very poor TV choice of movies tonight does not make it any easier and I now regret not shopping for a couple of decent DVDs to watch tonight - the last batch we purchased are up at "The Camp" 'cos we do not get TV reception up there - another blessing about Wyangala's location.

I guess, if I wanted to, I could get off my Rrrrs and head up to the Bowling Club and share a few beers with some friends, but I'd either have to get a cab or 'hoof it', 'cos Saturday nights are really 'red hot' in this town for the local constabulary's breathalyser patrols - not worth the risk to drink and drive.

Guess I'll go over to 'Skype' and see if my daughter or grandsons have logged on. Hoo' roo!

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