Monday, September 20, 2010

Potting in the garden

One of the clumps of ACT Bluebells that I allow to come up as they please in my yard each September.  The ACT Bluebell is a native plant and the floral emblem for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). In some lights they have a lighter, white colouring but if you change angle you see the blue hue.

I mentioned in a post response that I had been given some mint runners and when I commented to another neighbour about this I was presented with a bunch of Red Gauntlet strawberry plants.

I potted these up into three tiers of pots as the previous strawberries had done their dash.

I found I had some plants left over so I refurbished a four tier planter - taking out the plants from each level, sifting the soil to remove any rubbish or debris and then re-building it by adding fresh potting mix to top it up and then planting (or, replanting, as the case may be) the strawberries.

This planter is in the bottom left foreground, behind it is a large half wine cask in which I transplanted some geranium strikings brought back from "The Camp" and added some of the mint runners.

The round shadow to the right of picture is from my 4,500 litre rainwater storage tank. I have two other tanks, each 500 litres, and they all supplement my garden watering during the height of summer. all are currently full to overflowing, so I have heaps of water for this summer.

My juvenile orange tree succumbed to the winter frosts - citrus trees are very hard to grow in this area - but my meyer lemon survived and is hanging on and I hope this spring and summer it will establish itself.

I've given up on oranges - the only one that survived the past ten years is a seville orange, the fruit only fit for marmalade making - and I'm going back to native shrubs and repacing the lost orange with a callistemon - "Red Rosie".

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Steve Bennett said...

Neat and Tidy John, nice work with the Strawbs!