Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tassie Trip

We arrived in Tassie suitably rugged up for the climate

Daughter Kathleen and partner Anthony were there to greet us. Anthony is in the
Police but what he does is not talked about. He was too big for me to risk asking too many questions, however ..........

I was in trouble with security for taking a photograph of the the plane refueling on the tarmac.  I told him I could have photographed it from the security fence or the airport lounge! Anthony had a word in his 'pink shell-like' and suddenly all was OK! Phew!!!

We were taken to our hotel, The Grand Chancellor at Victoria Docks where much of the Hobart fishing fleet anchors.

We had a grand view of the harbour from our room.

We watched the Water taxi run around the Derwent River and freighters being pushed along by Ocean Tugboats coming into the main Victoria docks

Victoria Dock is reclaimed harbour and is fronted by a row of eateries including The Drunken Admiral and The Timeless Way,  many of which are located in historic buildings such as the converted Henry Jones IXL Jam factory. The Police Cruiser also anchors there. Note the predominent georgian architecture of the buildings in the background. Later I will show you some more lavish structures, built as the Hobart colony grew and developed.

The Timeless Way - we had delightful and very affordable breakfasts here all the week. The refurbished factory area also included and art gallery and I was taken by this piece of  ancient Huon Pine turned into an  Object d'art  at a mere $7,500AUS the shop proprietor thought it was a bargain!

Victoria Docks also has a significant bronze memorial - The Bernacchi Tribute, the second of two works by Stephen Walker, commemorates the life of scientist, photographer and writer Louis Charles Bernacchi (1876-1942). Bernacchi was raised in Tasmania, where he first developed a lifelong interest in physics. Specialising in terrestrial magnetism, he went to Antarctica with Borchgrevink’s Southern Cross expedition in 1898 and with Robert Scott in 1901.

The Antartic Exploration Ice Breaker Aurora Australis anchors in this area waiting for its spring run down south, as does the Australian Maritime Research Vessel Southern Surveyor and several sea training square riggers.

That evening we took Kathleen and Anthony to dinner at Mure's Seafood Restaurant, the red roofed building set right on the docks, which has its own fishing boats that catch most of what it has on offer. We had Seafood Baskets and I tried a local Cascade Ale that we cannot get on the mainland and found it
very tasty and refreshing.

Tomorrow I will post photos from two of our trips - firstly to Mt Wellington, a 1,200 metre snow topped mountain that dominates the city of Hobart and, secondly, our drive south to Kettering and the Bruny Island Ferry


Steve Bennett said...

Thanks for sharing John, I have never been to Tassie but those shots kinda make it look interesting. You know, it kinda looks like a clean empty Port Moresby!!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am laughing at your comment about the security guy being concerned about you taking a photo of the plane refueling. Yes you do look like terrorists!!!! Talk about being over cautious......I remember my mother telling me how they patted her down at the airport one time. She was so embarrased by it all, and believe me she looks as much like a terrorist or a threat to society as a new born puppy does!!

I am so sorry you didn't win the recipe book, I was hoping you would, maybe next time!

Gill in Canada

John said...

Steve, from a pastoral viewpoint, the country around Hobart is very poor quality - rocky, weedy and lots of native forestation. I saw little signs of extensive grazing or agricultural induastry, tho' native tree plantation were massive ...? future woodchip supplies.

John said...

Gill, it was even funnier at Canberra Airport where my metal knee, eight stainless steel clips in my guts and a screw in my ankle set off all their metal detection alarms. I had to take off my boots and stand to one side while i was body scanned and 'patted down'.! LOL!