Friday, October 15, 2010

"Minds in Chains"

On "Being Nuts" Part II

Warning - Images may be disturbing!

OK - You've been warned, continue to read on if you are prepared.

You know, we are (most of us, I think) very fortunate for the culture of care which surrounds the way we live. In my previous post I spoke of my own experiences of working in a psychiatric ward for over two decades. A colleague read that post and told me about some photographs in the Nikon-Walkley Press Photo Awards of mentally ill people being 'treated' in a Jakarta institution. These are not 'made up', 'posed' or in anyway contrived images.

Photo Essay - Finalist

"Minds in Chains"

The Yayasan Galuh Centre in Bekasi outside Jakarta. There is no medical treatment here, just potions, massage and prayer. Many of the patients are nude and nearly half of them are chained to poles.

A 12 foot Python is used to subdue unruly patients at the Yayasan Galuh Centre in Bekasi outside Jakarta.

Picture: Jason South, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald / Courtesy of the Nikon-Walkley Press Photo Awards

Photo Essay - Finalist


Gill - That British Woman said...

that's just plain sad.......


Jo said...

Awful! I can imagine there are many places around the world like this. Reminds me of the Romanian orphanage images that appeared on TV a decade or so ago. We just don't think places like that exist anymore.