Thursday, October 28, 2010

Off to the specialist .... again!

Have a post-op follow-up visit with the urology specialist in Sydney today, so when I can get Rhonda out of bed and moving we'll be driving up to Sydney this morning.

This time we could not get a room at the Sheraton on the Park, so we are slumming it a bit at Sheraton's Four Seasons at Darling Harbour, the entertainment Mecca of Sydney!

Sheraton Four Seasons, Darling Harbour for those who want a 'peek' at a Sydney hotel. Dining tonite in The Corn Exchange Brassiere.


Jabacue said...

I'm sure you will get through it relatively unscathed! lol

John said...

Yeah! Just a 'consult visit' - but ....... have to go back in Fbruary for another cystoscopy to make sure that the scar tissue has not built up again! Hopefully just a short 'Day Surgical' procedure.