Sunday, November 21, 2010


Dropped my camera this morning and looks like the motor is stuffeed!


Will have to price a replacement!


John Gray said...

life's a bitch!
as dick dastardly would say

" drat and double drat"

Jabacue said...

I learned that the hard way too! I always, well mostly, use the neck strap now.

JohnD said...

Drama continues - I've ordered a replacement camera, a Nikkon SLR D3000 and I haven't told Rhonda yet. Now the camera warehouse telss me they have spld out that model and don't know whe they'll be re-supplied (usually means 'end of line') so I've asked them to recalculate the price for a Nikkon SLR D3100 (another $AUS200 on the original purchase price! LOL!)