Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grandson No. 1's birthday

Aidan, grandson No. 1 turns eight years old in two weeks so I've been out buying his 'Birthday Parcel'.  We tend not to buy much in the way of toys as he's spoilt rotten already with toys but I bought lots of colouring books, crayons, chalk, coloured pencils, a puzzle book, some plastic inflatable things for the pool (his other grand father has a pool of his own), some soft toys and, of course his plastic lizards and dinosaurs - he's absolutely taken with reptiles - and a barrel of toy soldiers.

He also got a tin of Dominos, as he liked playing us with our set when he was up at "The Camp" last.

Got it all into a box - about as big a cardboard post box as I could buy at Australia Post - but I will have to unpack it all when Rhonda gets home so she can see what I bought (and 'vet' the items!) I nearly bought a packet of 'party poppers' but relented at the last minute 'cos I knew the Hoo-Raa that the other grand parents would have raised to have a house full of streamers! LOL!

Didn't buy him any clothes as we'll get him some T-shirts and shorts for Christmas.

Sighhhh! Only a month until grandson No.2, James,  turns four. Just have to come down the list to similar items suitable for a four year old!


John Gray said...

congratulations grandad

thanks for your comment on my blog
I wanted to ask.....

tell me more about
"C.o.P. on "behaviour" that forbids flirtatious or evocative behaviours." !

what does that actually mean?

John said...

Sent you an email, John!

Gill - That British Woman said...

can't wait until we have grandkids....

Gill in Canada