Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm backkkk!

We had a nice trip out west, Rhonda, myself and Denny-the-Dog.

We headed out to Cowra and stayed the night in a lovely cabin at Cowra Van Park

We provided our own linen and had an 80 litre Fridge/freezer in the back of the truck with basic foodstuffs. Denny had to sleep outside, tied up, but as it was mild he did not mind too much. We made sure he got lots of 'relief' strolls.

The old 'low level' wooden road bridge is still in place over the Lachlan River and now serves as a pedestrian bridge.

We cooked our own breakfast - bacon, eggs and toast - with the utensils provided and did some sight seeing. We went to the Japanese Memorial Gardens  (Cowra was a Japanese POW camp during WWII and the scene of a notorious 'break out') and also the Cowra Rose Gardens.

We found a little Chinese restaurant in town that had a 'buffet' ("all-you-can-eat") lunch for $AUS9.50 and we also had a glass of wine and a bottle of ice water with our lunch. Very nice and all-up $AUS29.00.

We drove up to Canowindra (pronounced Kan-noun-dra) and re-visited the "Age of Fishes" museum. In the Devonian period, some 410-360 million years ago, the eastern coastline of Australia lay much further west. An extensive river and lake system covered large parts of the continent, draining into shallow seas. What is now Canowindra would then have been a wide flood plain, dotted with lakes and billabongs. It was the 'Age of Fishes', and they abounded in the area. Scientists have been able to reconstruct the fishes found at Canowindra on the basis of the fossil evidence found there. The fauna appears to have been dominated by two kinds of strange armoured fishes, Bothriolepis and Remigolepis , which belong to a long-extinct group called the antiarchs. A third, less common, armoured fish known as Groenlandaspis was also present .

Canowindra is also known as "The Ballooning Capital of Australia"

Its a pretty town, nice wide street and lots of covered verandahs over the shop fronts to protect one from the heat of the day - 32C. We had a counter lunch in one of the local pubs and a cold ale!

From there we drove to Bathurst, The home of the Mount Panorama Race Circuit and the Bathurst 1000 klm race.

It also the home of St Stanislaus Boy's Boarding College (St Stannies) one of the best known rural boarding colleges in Australia and produced many fine rugby players, scientists, artists, poets and doctors.

We stayed at the local Caravan and Camping Park. They allowed 'small dogs' but were hesitent about Denny. They agreed to let us 'camp' in a tent we had with us. It's a truly magnificant park - very posh and 'up-market'.

The swimming pool.

The next day we headed down the road to Wyangala and "The Camp" where we felt more relaxed, comfortable and 'at home'. We stayed two nights and arrived back home tonight!

We purchased a kilo of Tiger prawns (shrimps to my Amerian friends) and some fresh baked bread rolls and are about to sit outside in the twilight hours and enjoy our dinner.

Oh!  In case you are wondering, 'Yes!" I broke the news to Rhonda about the broken camera and its possible replcement ($AUS1,500) and she said go ahead! You little beauty!


Gill - That British Woman said...

what sort of camera are you buying for that type of money?

Gill in Canada

Oh and Molly has had stinky ears AGAIN.....the joys of owning a beagle!!

Sharon said...

Fossil hunting, one of my fun things to do! Camping? I prefer a nice motel anymore. We used to camp when the children and went everywhere, but these old bones and a camp cot, just don't get along anymore. (Well, plus the fact of the problem of enough o2 bottles)
It does sound like you must be looking at a camera that I have been drooling over. Lucky you to get it!
Thank you for the lovely "trip"!

JohnD said...

Gill, Sharon - its a Nikon d3100 digital SLR being sold as a 'bundle' that includes two telphoto lens attachments, two filters, a camera bag, a tripod on an 8Gb memory card.

Gill - That British Woman said...

very nice......


Jabacue said...

John, sounds like a good trip. You would be interested in a CBC Nature of Things 6 part series on the constant movement of the earth's plates and how in the past things were so different. And how things are changing now as we speak. It was called the 'Geologic Journey 11'.
You lucky devil! A Nikon D3100!!! I am so jealous. That is our next one to get. We have a D50 is good but limited as far as lens compatibility. That was quite the deal you got and 2 telephoto lenses too!