Saturday, November 20, 2010

My pumkin plot

Denny-the-Dog has an annoying habit of snacking on compost - whew!  Dogs breath! LOL!

I 'brew' my compost in bottomless drums, so when I want to use it I just lift the drum off and mound it up, give it a good watering with liquid fertiliser - seweed concentrate - and when I plant my pumkin seeds (or whatever) in the compost heap I made up a surround from some old left-over plastic mesh and a few stakes.

Barbara, at the 3 Acre Homestead was having a problem growing comfrey, as her chickens ate it to the ground. this is what I did to keep Denny from the compost and I'm sure it will work for Barabara's comfrey.

When the pumkins start to grow and spread I'll just pull out the stakes and the frame and let them ramble!
I've also got my tomatoes growing in tubs which have staked frames - a convenient way to grow them and be able to move them around for protection from the elements.

That's strawberries growing in the pot in between the tomatoes and climbing beans in the foam box over in the top left corner.

In another foam box I have more climbing beans and to utilise space and to add a 'complementary plant' I've sown radish seeds across the centre area.


Sharon said...

Neat little garden! You are quite handy!

JohnD said...

I always reckon "If the girls don't find you hansome, then, let them find you handy!" LOL!