Monday, November 29, 2010


Just when good spring rains looked like producing a false hope as all the good growth begun drying out to bushfire fuel - along comes more rain!

We got 63mm overnight and there's more around for the next few days. Ran into a few 'Cockie' mates at the post office and they were delighted!


Sharon said...

Definitely gully washers! Good you got rain!

JohnD said...

Funny - we refer to them as 'Gully Rakers as they usually rake all the good material out of gullies, forming temporary creks.

Gill - That British Woman said...

don't understand that expression, even went down to your list to see if you refer to it there, but you don't?

Gill in Canada

JohnD said...

Hi Gill, list was not all-inclusive. Gully rakers are our way of describing a sudden downpour of huge volumes that swells gullies and waterways within minutes - - think 'flash flooding'.