Thursday, December 9, 2010

and more rain!!!

Will it ever cease - 105mm for December to date at our locality. This is an aerial shot of a property at Wee Waa in western NSW - looks like their homestead levees are holding.

Below is in the same region as Geurie (shown yesterday), on the Western Plains, where grazing and wheat fields are now a vast lake:

Inundated: A wildlife rescue worker with rescued kangaroos
near Wellington on the western plains of NSW (AAP)

Emergency services are working to evacuate residents from a New South Wales town this morning after heavy rains wrought havoc across three states. The township of Tarcutta in southern New South Wales is the focus of rescue efforts, with SES workers evacuating residents and the Hume Highway closed by floodwaters north of the town.

Heavy rains and strong winds lashed Wagga Wagga overnight, bringing down trees, causing flash floods up to knee height in some areas, and forcing some homes near the Wagga racecourse to be evacuated. Volunteers in the Riverina-Murray district spent the night sandbagging and responding to hundreds of calls for help.

Heavy rain which hammered Victoria yesterday has eased, but rivers in affected areas are still rising.

Emergency crews in South Australia are monitoring three rivers north of Adelaide, but water levels appear to have peaked overnight.

Twenty-eight council areas have been declared natural disaster zones and the government expects that number to rise.


Sharon said...

Oh, wow, it just doesn't want to stop, now, does it? How long can you tread water? Your late spring floods are like ours in places, brings a lot of people hardship. Thanks for the up-date!

Gill - That British Woman said...

what on earth is going on? You with all the rain, us with all the snow.....

Try and stay dry and make sure you wear your wellies...........

Gill in Canada

JohnD said...

I did say in an earlier post that our weather bureau had forecast rogue storms, heavy rainfalls and flooding for a wet summer.

It's raining again as I speak - we had 20mm in the rain gauge last night and there is already 10mm in the gauge for today! Quenbeyan (80klms away) got over 100mm during the night.

Gill - That British Woman said...

you do realize you're all going to be red heads with all this will make you all go rusty!!!


Jabacue said...

A lot of rain here too but nothing compared to what you are getting John.
Hope you all get dried out really soon!