Saturday, December 18, 2010

As I write ...

The rain has come back with a light shower falling now. We are on the tail-end of an elongated storm front moving across south-east NSW. There's another two smaller and more intense storms trailing behind - one over Wagga Wagga and the other over Tumbarumba. We may get those later today.

Evening have been quite cool. To sit outside for our evening 'catch-up' ritual as Rhonda has a coffee and I have a scotch and tell each other about our different days we need to put on a lite jacket to protect against cool evening breezes. Most unusual - this time its usually 30 to 35C and a cold beer. Nights make the lite doona appreciated.

Had two biopsies done on a nasty looking growth between the third and fourth finger of my left hand on Wednesday - needed a suture into each site and one still tends to bleed a little. General practitioner suggested it was dermatitis. Dermatologist took one look and said "I think its Bowen's Disease!" - a squamous cell carcinoma that is common to the skin of the face, arms and legs. She will wait on the biopsy results but I am booked to go back to her on the 28th January for a full body scan under a blacklight to see if it is in any other locations. The treatment is an ointment first, which I must rub over both hands and forearms, if that doesn't work either cauterisation or excision and she thinks the one in the webbing between my fingers will need excision. Another bloody operation - fair dinkum, I'm getting sick of them but apparently this disease has a tendency to spread an can get quite nasty.

ps. The two storm fronts south of us have joined into a single storm - looks like they will slip past below us but the ACT and Quenbeyan may be in for a dowsing! Just what they need after the storm damage and flooding last week!



Sharon said...

Whoa! Sorry to hear about the growths, yep, best to keep an eye out, I think they are right about the full body scan! Crossing fingers it isn't what the dermatologist thinks!

That is some radar image! For some reason, I used to think it didn't rain much in Australia, since I have been blogging, I found that is not the case!

Have a good day!

Steve Bennett said...

Good luck with the results John, I think we humans take our skin for granted at times when in reality, it is a very vital organ. Look after yours mate!