Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tropical Cyclone Tasha

Tropical Cyclone Tasha is currently lashing the north coast of Queensland and is likey to spread its effects south as far as our location. The Weather Bureau has a Thunder Storm Alert out for Canberra and surrounding regions this afternoon!

Flooding closed several streets in
Chinchilla on Qld's WesternDowns
yesterday. (Western Downs Council)

Barcoo River in flood at Isisford
(Contributed: Longreach Regional Council)

The Brisbane City Council is warning
that minor tidal flooding is likely in
river-side areas again today.
 (ABC News - File image: 7pm TV News QLD)

A Christmas deluge is expected
in many parts of the state
(ABC News: Giulio Saggin)

Tropical Cyclone Tasha


Sharon said...

OH, Shoot Fire! Can't you folks catch a break and get a chance to dry out properly?

Is it going to hit today (25th)?

JohnD said...

Nothing new about TC's on Christmas Day - I was involved with TC Tracey that almost levelled darwin in 1974. Equipped the first RAAF Hercules aircraft with an Emergency Field Surgical Unit and enough supplies for 8 days!

Gill - That British Woman said...

oh dear me that is not nice.

Here's hoping you have had a lovely Christmas Day regardless.

It's 5:30am here and I'm the only one up.

Merry Christmas to you and here's hoping it dries out for you soon,

Gill in Canada

LindaG said...

Oh my gosh. After all the rain you've already had.
I hope nothing terrible happens.

Merry Christmas to all of you! ♥