Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trying something new, cooking ....

Rhonda worked a 'back-to-backer' yesterday, stayed up late last night working out the finances and returned on a morning shift (5am 'up', 6.30 'start') this morning. So she'll be 'knackered' when she arrives home this evening. I thought I would make it easy for her and have dinner ready for her.

I was able to get an eye fillet of silverside (uncorned) on special at the supermarket ( short 'use-by date' - not uncommon on a Friday). It weighed in at 845gms (about 1.8lbs) and it costs me $10AUS.

I trimmed about 50gm of excess fat off the edge, leaving just enough to melt into any gravy formed from cooking, and then I've put it in my slow cooker on a low setting. I poured a 440gm can of Cream of Mushroom soup over the top and added the contents of a small (100gm) tin of mushroom pieces in butter sauce (just to get some mushroom 'body' into the sauce). Then I quartered 3 medium tomatoes, took their skins off and added the tomatoes on the top of the pot mixture and, finally, gave the pot a good shake of dried garlic and dried onion.

I've set it on low and allowing it 6 to 8 hours to cook on a low simmer.

I'm hoping it will still be 'sliceable' when removed from the pot and I'll serve with steamed sweet potato and choko pieces accompanied with some of my first picking of home grown snow peas and I'll make a mushroom sauce out of the pot residue to dress it off.

We have the fruit cake I made the other day and fresh custard to follow as a dessert and a nice bottle of 'unwooded' South Eastern Australia 2007 'cleanskin label' Chardonnay.

I'll let you know how it turns out! LOL!


Sharon said...

Sounds good! Do you also clean up after?

I'm sure Rhonda will be pleased! I would be (especially if the mess was cleaned up!)


JohnD said...

Mess? What mess? There's no mess with a slow cooker - bowl comes out and is rinsed and washed up in the normal way. And "Yes", I do 'clean up' afterwards - my chores are to do the days washing up and house cleaning (dusting, vaccuuming, etc) only 'fair enuff' if she's working hard to bring in the wage for the house! Then I do the shopping, make the rounds of 'bill paying' and go out and mow the grass if that needs doing.