Monday, December 20, 2010

The wild weather continues

For the past 24 to 48 hours we have been getting thunder storms, gale force winds, rain and (yesterday) hail. These storms come out of nowhere, seemingly. I can track their approach on my pc from the weather bureau radar and can usually work around them.

Yesterday was a fine sunny day - a touch cool for this time of year with the night time temperature going down to 6C. When you consider that we are usually sweltering in Australian summer with daytime temps in the high 30's and nights a humid sultry 18-22C this is truly unusual.

I watched this storm approach:

Then it was right over us!

Then came the rain - a cloudburst.

Then the hail.

Then it was gone - five minutes!

Denny-the-Dog came out from his dry warm bunk and said:

"What the F*%k was that?"

Fortunately we suffered little damage, a tomato pot turned over, a few flattened seedlings, however Canberra, some 70kms to the east of us copped a severe battering once again! I measured 20mms (just under and inch, about 80 points) of rain in the rain gauge from that 5 minute down pour.

Today is overcast and cool (14C) with more storms later in the day. When Rhonda gets home from her morning shift at the hospital we are heading up to "The Camp" for a few days - partly R and R but also to check what damage may have occurred.

And for Jim - "Yes!" those photos were taken with the new Nikon SLR camera. Putting it on to 'multi-frame' mode makes taking photos of moving objects like storm clouds a lot easier - point and 'Click!', 'Click!', 'Click!', 'Click!', 'Click!',

ps - As I walked down my backyard today and also as I drove around town doing my errands I noticed that all the decidious trees are shedding their leaves! They must think its Autumn already!


LindaG said...

Wow. That is crazy! Have a safe trip. I hope the weather turns more normal soon!

Sharon said...

The weather sure is strange all over, global warming or global cooling? It really is weird, that is for sure. I agree, it's pretty cool there, for your averages this time of year.

Hail and tornadoes are quite common here in late Spring and early Summer. My car still has the little pocks from this Spring's hail storm.

Gill - That British Woman said...

what on earth is going on over there? You are certainly having some crazy weather.

Gill in Canada

Jabacue said...

John, what the heck is with our weather.....all over the world!! Something's up!
Great shots with that new camera of yours. I really like how it captured the 'cloudburst'. Just discovered a feature on my D50 (took long enough!) that allows one to take multiple shots, one after another....non-stop. Great today trying to 'capture' the wave action down at the beach. I'll see if it works.
All the best to you and yours John. It's been good to meet you and look forward to learning lots more from you.

Jo said...

Wasn't it amazing. This time of year and it looked like snow on the streets driving around Yass!