Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Queensland Floods

Precious earthmoving equipment needed for the flood clean up:


Absolutely buggered- (Aussie for "Useless")

$AUS54,733,396 has been donated to the Flood Relief Appeal so far. The Google Flood Map shows the size, extent and towns effected. An area in size equal to 20% of Australia has been flooded in Queensland.

View here the slideshow of South East Queensland 'Flash' Flooding Numerous people have been killed by floodwaters that swept through Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley, west of Brisbane.


Sharon said...

It simply boggles the mind, terrible!

John Gray said...

what I did like john,, in the reporting was the plucky nature of th aussies interviewed
made the stiff upper lip of the brits look a bit bland!

Jim said...

It is absolutely difficult to get one's head around the damage and resulting deaths. This is going to be a challenging time but the resilience of the people will help all get through this.