Saturday, January 29, 2011

Walking the ley lines

Walking the ley lines

28 January, 2011 4:06PM AEDT

By Georgia Wilson

The group that spent seven weeks trekking across England had no use for car travel, public transport or even cycling. The 800 kilometers were covered by foot, walking a deeply historical and spiritual pathway.
Awakening Albion is a book that documents the experience, beginning in Cornwall and crossing the old country to East Anglia, along the ancient Michael and Mary ley lines. It features the diary entries, poems and written memories of around 20 - 30 contributors who participated in the pilgrimage. One of the walkers and editors of the book, Gerry Jacobson, told 666 Afternoon presenter Jo Laverty that the various ancient sites mapped along the way had a spiritual resonance.
"I felt it concentrated in the medieval churches... we often celebrated these places. Some of them are really musty, not very well used in modern times, the congregations have shrunk... but they resonate with the energy of centuries of people who have prayed, mourned and celebrated there. I felt it very strongly," he explained. Mr Jacobson said the walk also provided him with an opportunity to get reacquainted with his birthplace. "I just wanted to connect with the south of England where I was born and I did that very effectively. I feel that I got to know the place again, got to belong to my birthplace. So for me it was going back to my roots."

I listened to this broadcast yesterday afternoon on my way home from the dermatologist in Canberra. It is a fascinating account and if I was ten years younger I would do it myself.

Hear the program at: ABC 666 Radio

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Sharon said...

I'd have to go further back than that, but yes, it does sound like something I would have liked to have done!