Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zimmer MRI

Well, I'm back home again.

Whole procedure took about an hour from 'Go' to 'Whoa'.

Worst MRI experience ever - strapped in to a lower limb body board, not able to move a muscle, arms extended back over head and 30 minutes of 'clanging' and 'banging' as the MRI machine did its business, sliding me backwards and forwards.

Anyway, when it was all over the technician assisted me off the table and was very pleased with the results. She told me that often the studies are rejected in the US 'cos the patient moved during the procedure and the Zimmer technology could not compensate for that. She thought mine would be fine.

As I hobbled to the change room I had to start my upper limb exercises to get my shoulder joints moving and the drive home from Canberra was most sedate as I was so muscle sore throughout all my body.

Thanks to all the well wishers about my impending Right total knee replacement in March - it's not as tho' I'm new to this having had my Left knee replaced last June and both thumb joints replaced plus past wrist and ankle reconstructions (starting to feel like the 'Bionic man' and its a worry when all the support staff recognise you and address you by your first name!) - so yes, I really aware of the benefits of physiotherapy and exercises as well as how much a 'cold pack' can often be better for pain relief than a pain tablet!

Tiggeriffic - imho things like joint replacement, particularly knees and ankles, need to be done by competent orthopaedic surgeons who specialise in such operations! Find a well recommended one and go for a consult - if you are not happy with them, wave them good bye!  My guy has his own team of specialised nurses and physiotherapist and at the hospital he works out of he 'calls the tune' to the hospital staff, who have now learnt exactly what he expects!


Sharon said...

30 minutes not moving a muscle and arms above your head, whew, I don't know if I could do that! I believe I would have all my joints, locked up.

So good that you have a trusted and competent Doc! It's not going to be a breeze, but at least by now, you know what to expect!

Tiggeriffic said...

If I have to have another knee replacement I'm coming to your doctor..
I have had 2 knee replacements on the left knee. The 2nd one I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minneasota.. I was really happy with the Dr. that did that knee surgery. The first knee surgery I will never go back to that Dr.