Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Away from the cyclone

Cyclone Yasi is impacting on Northern Queensland - we live on the Southern tablelands of NSW, a long way away from the impact area, however, we are feeling the 'flow-on' effects.

Here is the latest  satellite picture of Yasi :
If you look in the bottom-left frame that is the region where we live and you can see the secondary storm development sweeping towards us. Nowhere as monstrous as Yasi, which is now officially a 'Category 5 Cyclone' but it is creating some interesting developments for our region with isolated thunderstorms, with possible heavy rainfall predicted for this afternoon.

Yesterday our temperature here hit 41.7C, very dry and hot. We had the Air Con on keeping the house a cool 28C and brought Denny-the-Dog inside out of the heat. When we went to bed at 10pm the outside temperature had dropped to 28C, so we turned the Air Con off, opened up the house and went 'flow-thru ventilation', but it was still very hot to try and sleep. Rhonda and I just lay on top of the bed, both in singlets and shorts/briefs. It was hot and muggy, one of those summer nights where the perspiration continully rolled off your body.
At 12.15am it was still 27C in the bedroom. Around 1.15am I detected some fresh gusts of air blowing in the window and was hopeful we were going to get a cool change, however, this did not happen and by 2am it was back to dead calm, no air movement at all and still 27C.
At 3am I was finally drifting off to sleep when some idiot wandering the street started barking like a dog which set most of the neighbourhood dogs off in a barking frenzy. Denny walked down to the front security screen door and stood there wondering what in the hell was going on.
At 4am the temperature had dropped to a cool 24C and at 5.15am i heard rain on the rooftop - light shower, lasted about 20 minutes, did nothing for the temperature but set the humidity soaring and a very muggy early morning.

I got up at 7am and made myself a mug of tea and a black coffee for Rhonda. I checked the rain gauge and there was less than 0.25mm in the container but our white Subaru Forrester was covered with brown muddy rain drops - temperature at 7am - 27.4C We went shopping at 10.30am and it was 32C - only good thing about our shopping trip was that the supermarket was air-conditioned. 

Its now 1.20pm here and the temp in the study is 31C. I picked up the digital thermometer and started to go outside. Rhonda said:
"What are you doing?"
"Going out side to see what the current temperature reading is!" I replied.
She said:
I went outside and within a minute the outside reading was 39.2C. I came back in and told Rhonda and she said:
"I told you it was hot!"

Can't beat the logic of a woman!


Sharon said...

Some times you have to pay the price and just run the A/C to get some sleep. We use ours continuously because of my COPD, but we also use ceiling fans to be able to use it less.

I hate when it gets that hot! Miserable! Anything over body temp, is pretty hard to take - for anyone.

LindaG said...

Take care. Don't know what more to say.

JohnD said...

Thunder storm hit us at 6pm last night and it has continued to rain non-stop for 12 hours - 50mm (2 inches) in the rain gauge this morning and at 7.30am its already 26C