Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Harry Brown

I adore Michael Caine's acting and have seen so many of his movies since his Blockbuster success as Lt Gonville Bromhead  in "Zulu" and his marvelous portrayal of Garth McCaan in "Secondhand Lions".

There have been so many great Michael Caine Movies - this will be one of them:

Saw this Michael Caine movie last week and could not leave the TV until it was complete. What a shocking, compelling movie that is brilliantly played by (IMHO) one of the top five drama actors still making movies.

Set in modern day Britain, HARRY BROWN follows one man's journey through a chaotic world where teenage violence runs rampant. As a modest, law abiding citizen, Brown lives alone. His only companion is his best friend Leonard. When Leonard is killed, Brown reaches his breaking point. HARRY BROWN is a powerful, character driven thriller starring two-time Academy Award® winner Michael Caine in a tour-de-force performance opposite Emily Mortimer and Charlie Creed-Miles.

Harry Brown was shot on location in and around London's Elephant and Castle, and at Elstree Studios. The supporting cast includes Liam Cunningham (Hunger, The Wind That Shakes the Barley), Ben Drew aka Plan B (Adulthood), Jack O'Connell (Eden Lake, “Skins”), Lee Oakes (“Two Pints of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps”), Joseph Gilgun (This Is England) and Sean Harris (24 Hour Party People). David Bradley (Harry Potter, Hot Fuzz) and Iain Glen (“The Diary of Anne Frank” Kingdom of Heaven) also star. Written by Gary Young (Shooters, Spivs), HARRY BROWN is directed by Academy Award nominee Daniel Barber (The Tonto Woman).

The director of photography is Martin Ruhe (Control). The film is produced by Kris Thykier (The Debt), Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Layer Cake) and Matthew Brown (The Tonto Woman).


Boston Herald review

"You'll have a blast with Dirty 'Harry'... makes bad-boy Russell Crowe's Robin Hood look like a sissy!"

The New Yorker feature on Caine
Michael Caine on the movie vigilante: Make My Day!

Film Jabber review
"Every scene is carefully crafted to pack the maximum punch. Great direction, great performances and a lot of violence. What more can you ask for?"

Screen Spotlight review
"Harry Brown is a stunning and dizzying movie that will leave you shocked and awed."

Maxim video interview with Caine
Caine explains his personal ties to the storyline of Harry Brown.

LA Times Feature on Michael Caine
Michael Caine Says To Look Past the Violence In 'Harry Brown'.

Caine's AV Club interview
"Jack Carter was a very much younger man, but he’s a professional criminal and a killer. Harry Brown is a very, very old man who’s completely innocent. He has no interest in killing anybody until he’s forced into it. Jack Carter would kill anybody. "

The Epoch Times review
"Might come to be considered Caine's definitive film role... highly recommended!"

New York Post review
"The great Michael Caine kicks some serious butt in a wonderfully nuanced performance."

USA Today review
"Intriguing and unnerving entertainment with grave intelligence and contained ferocity."

Los Angeles Times review
"A smartly done killer thriller!"

Roger Ebert review
3 stars!

CHUD review
"A tightly wound, well-made revenge thriller with great action and terrific performances."

Huffington Post review
"Endlessly fascinating, with an award-worthy winning performance by Caine!"

4 star Cinema Blend review
"There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing a compelling story brought to life by standout performances and then further enhanced by stellar directing."


Sharon said...

Looks pretty good, I really Like Michael Caine!

Reminds me of Death Wish.

John Gray said...

a very dark film, I have read.....not a lover of mr caine, but he was VERY good in the likes of Zulu and Hannah and her Sisters,

Jim said...

I always liked him too....will have to check this one out. Thanks for review John.