Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sepia effects on images

Kodak's EasyShare Software v8.2 program does have provision for saving your photo images and editing those.

For example, load your images, select an image, choose edit, select 'scene effects' and you have a choice of editing in six various effects, including sepia tones.

for example, I took this image of my grandsons on a bush trek:

And then I edited it to 'sepia effects':

Once I've edited my images to where I am satisfied I then upload them to a web based photo storage site such as Photobucket.

You can scan in sepia tone images and then reverse the process and add colour to them as well.

KODAK EASYSHARE Software v8.2 is a free download - just google Kodak Easyshare for the website!


Sharon said...

Thanks John! I really like messing with the old pictures - of course, I only mess with a copy of the original.

Sharon said...

Hey! Those Grandson's of yours are adorable!

JohnD said...

Sharon, those grandsons are "Holy Terrors" - "Hell on two legs!"

Jim said...

Don't you just love to 'play' with some images. I like sepia...makes the pic look very vintage. We use Picasa and Picnik programs which are both owned by Google.
These can really help to enhance a shot you thought would look so much better but turned out otherwise. Without totally changing it, you add to it to bring it to life.
How's the summer going John? Looks like you are busy.

JohnD said...

Flat out like a lizard drinking water from both ends at present! Off to Sydney next weekend and then Adelaide on 1st March and have all the usual things to attnd to in between times!

John Gray said...