Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Images from my knee replacement

These images were taken at home exactly 7 days after the operation. Rhonda had to take down the dressing to change it.

First two show the limit/extent of the bruising:

Dressing in place:

Dressing removed, exposing the wound:

Progress is slow, at present, because of the extensive bruising and swelling in my leg and that the 'clips' are still in and not due out until Friday week.  I see Mark, my physiotherapist, on Thursday and he will commence 'mobilisation' and 'flexion/extension' exercises. Not much he can do at present until we can get that swelling to settle and the clips come out!


Janet said...

Yikes ! that looks really sore- hope you continue to improve and feel better soon ! take care.

JohnD said...

Yeah! It can be very sore - keeping up the pain killers and frequent bed rests helps - but I keep reminding myself that it is on 1 week since the operation and many others would have opted for in-patient rehabilitation and still be in hospital care.

John Gray said...

bloody hell john
you look like you have been savaged by a shark!!!

JohnD said...

Ha! Ha! Yes - but a very good shark. This surgeon does not believe in knee braces post-surgery and only uses compression bandages post-arthroscopy. He claims more success by starting immediate mobilisation. His physiotherapist was in to ICU to see me same day post-op and had me up on a walking frame doing a lap of the centre floor. Just love those hospital gowns when your hands are full, uhhh? LOL!

Jim said...

Yikes! I won't tell or show my Dad who 'may' get this done! But you are a lot younger than he.
You will be back to normal in no time John.