Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In South Australia, Adelaide

Adelaide is a nice city - well ordered, straight roads, drivers mostly patient and polite and seem to recognise strangers who are a 'bit lost'.

Went up to the vineyards of the Barossa Valley today - Tanunda, etc. Found the iconic vineyards - Penfolds and Tanunda most unreceptive to a point of rudeness (Tanunda required you to climb and iron ladder of 15 steps from the carpark to the tasting room) and at Penfolds the very young female staff simply ignored us 'oldies' and lavished their attention on the young 'touristas'.

Had a nice lunch at "The Bakery" in Nurioopta and eventually ended up at the Rockford vineyard tasting rooms where we bought a nice bottle of semillion and a couple of jars of local produce. Got back and googled our trek for the day and realised we must have driven awfully close to the first wife's residence! Must give her a call.
The countryside around Adelaide up in the Barossa is very flat, dry and hot - would also be quite frosty in winter. Much prefer home. Anyway, off to Mt Lofty vineyards in the Adelaide Hills in the morning and then a trip out to Port Adelaide and Glenelg in the afternoon.

Had dinner last night in a mediterranean style restaurant and off to Gouger St (which is the 'dining mecca' of Adelaide) tonight.  The little compoact Toyota Seca we were allocated by Budget Hire drives like a dream, tho I should have asked for one that was equipped with cruise control and is a real petrol miser. Once again, "Ellie" the Sat-Nav came into its own, even forgiving our wayward turns and reclaculating the route without scolding us at all.

Have lots of images to go into the 'working folder' and I'll try and post some of the better ones on our return.

Catch you all later, this i-net cafe machine is chewing up the dollars!


Sharon said...

Climb an iron ladder? That leaves me out! I can't wait to see the pictures, it sounds like an interesting place. (Well... you did mention - food)
Enjoy your wanderings and see you on your return!

LindaG said...

Glad to hear the vacation is going well! :)

John Gray said...

just caught up with your "title" blog entry
a cracking read!


Aren't vacations fun? :-)

Take care and have a great time :-)


Gill - That British Woman said...

catching up with all that you have been up to.

Glad you're having a lovely vacation.

Gill in Canada

Gill - That British Woman said...

just wanted to say thanks for your recipe, may try it with the other ham bone I have in the freezer.

Gill in Canada