Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pumpkins and other things in the garden

I said I would post some images of my pumpkins. These are a few I've harvested so far - mainly 'cos they were getting in the way! I gave the biggest Kent pumpkin away to a neighbour:

The vine

Its even grown around the back of the shed and up the school fence!

This is a Choko vine - its just getting flowers
 - I think the frosts will beat the fruit.

This is a sweet potato plant. I've put it under
shelter in the hope the frosts wont kill it (too soon)!

We are changing the backyard entertainment area. We used to have a brush fence screen but it has slowly deteriorated. This is a picture of it last summer. It's behind the bird bath:

We pulled it out and are removing the pavers:

The steel fabricator made us a new frame and installed it:

We are going to fix bamboo screening to the outside of it, install a concrete 'cutting edge' on the grass side of the structure and  layer the base area with weed cloth and top with river pebbles and put two large rectangular pots in the corners with vines in them. Rhonda likes clematis, Clematis aristata 2:

 and, gum vine, Aphanopetalum resinosum

I like jasmine - the Jasminum polyanthum or "Star Jasmine", for its sweet perfume, especially of an evening. Some people do not like the perfume of jasmine and find it 'stifling':


Gill - That British Woman said...

I had forgotten that you guys are entering the Autumn season. Those beige smaller "pumpkins" look very similar to butternut squash, we love those roasted.

Your garden looks lovely.

Gill in Canada

Sharon said...

Lovely garden goodies! You must have some good soil there! Sweet potatoes need a longer growing time than most things, I've only grown them a couple times. I like what you are doing with your yard and obviously Denny approves as well.

LindaG said...

Yard looks good. Maybe do all three flowers?
Hope you're all doing well! :)

Jim said...

Looks good John! I have grown 'buttercup squash here and love how prolific the vine can be....needs lots of space.

John Gray said...

I know I risk sounding like sid james
but those are a lovely pair in the top photo!