Saturday, March 19, 2011

Three days to go ....

Its Saturday morning, Rhonda's on an over-nighter, and I've just got up after a glorious sleep-in 'til 9.00am. Denny-the-Dog was straight to the back door and is doing a 'sniffing patrol' around the back yard and I'm enjoying a big mug of steaming hot tea.

Saw the GP yesterday for some prescription renewals and a referral for physio post-op. Its three days to go for my right Total Knee Replacement. I was given a renewal for my 'Authority' pain-killers (Endone) but Medicare told my GP that next renewal will need to be issued by a 'Reviewing GP' - another Dr in the practice. No worries, if it keeps the paper-pushers in the city content! My BP was elevated but I put that down to 'anxiety' about the approaching operation. Dropped the physio referral around to Mark the physio who again reminded me that joint rehabilitation physio is a "No Pain, No Gain" scenario - lovely chap, I'm sure he'd fit in well in a gestapo torture room LOL! - but he's a really good sports physiotherapist and specialises on joint injuries.

I'll take my scripts to the chemist today and pick them up Monday.

Surgical bookings rang later in the day and checked some details on my pre-admission medical form. Like ...... "Yes! I AM allergic to morphine" (I potentiate morphine in my system instead of metabolising it so that eventually I get given an over-dose) and "Yes! My anaesthetist DOES want me in ICU overnight!" and "No! I haven't had a pre-op Chest X-Ray. You did one at the hospital 6 months back and the Intensivist in ICU ALWAYS orders one as routine for all ICU patients." I have to ring back this morning or Monday morning to find out where I am on the operation list. I hope I'm first up, my surgeon did request that on the admission form (but admissions and lists are a 'clerks' thing, aren't they?)

The Fisho was in town and I stopped in on the way home from the GP's and got 1kg of fresh Lakes Entrance prawns (shrimps, for my American readers), a dozen Clyde River oysters (best quality, open on the tray), and two pan-sized snapper fillets. We'll have a seafood dinner weekend. Up to "Tank's" bakery and half a dozen of his lovely fresh baked sesame seed bread rolls - lovely - mouth's watering already.

I was going to cook a casserole on Sunday but I'll do that on Monday now. I have 600gm of fresh beef strips, three red bell peppers, two white onions and 500ml of tomato and herb stock to form the basis of my casserole. I also have a few kipfler potatoes and some field mushrooms, so I should get a nice casserole out of all that, enough for dinner Monday night and some left-overs for Rhonda during the week (I know she won't cook for herself, so I'm leaving her some pre-cooked, 'heat'n'eat' meals in the freezer.)

On the local scene, my pumpkin vines have taken off and cover one third of the yard and I've already picked three Kent pumpkins (to about 5-7kgs) and three Butternut pumpkins around 1kg each. I wont be able to get an entry into the Yass Show but I'm sure my big Kent pumpkin would be a "Wow!" of an entry. I'll get some images today and post those later.

'Bye for now, I'm off for another mug of tea!

PS - I notice I've lost a 'follower' - sorry about that! I hope it was because my blog was 'not your scene' and not for anything I said?

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Gill - That British Woman said...

wanted to wish you good luck with your knee operation.....

Gill in Canada