Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Autumn in Yass

We took a walk down along the river recently and captured some of the scenes as Autumn came upon Yass. The poplar grove was well on the way to dropping its leaves - Denny loves to run among the carpet of leaves that form in Autumn.

There were people just enjoying the riverbank and signs of 'fall' were everywhere to be seen.

There is a lovely fir tree that shades a memorial seat to one of our long serving and muched loved general practitioners, Dr 'Rag' Holmes. The construction work going on nearby is a new bridge across Chinaman's Creek that council is installing to replace the much worn wooden structure that had become unsafe for use.

This new bridge is to be constructed of steel and concrete and will also allow for parks and gardens staff to move their equipment from one bank to the other without having to take the long route around the perimeter.

On the way home I clicked this old plane tree outside the Watch House Keeper's residence that was also getting ready for winter.

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LindaG said...

What a gorgeous place to spend time, John.
Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. :)