Saturday, May 21, 2011

Farmers Market

Every third Saturday of the month we have a "Farmers market" up at the showground from 11am to 2pm. Today was the day and as the car wash wasn't working I decided that, seeing as i had the truck out, I'd drive up and see what the action was.

It was a slow day with not many stall holders present. I bought a locally made bottle of Cherry Port, a plastic container of chestnuts grown at Tumbarumba (we say "Tumba-bloody-rumba!") and  loaf of fresh baked whole grain bread.

Here are a selection of images.

Looking towards the market area

Poultry on sale

Lady spinning yarn at a craft stall

Craft stall - all natural coloured local wool

Native Flowers for sale

Roundhouse exhibit area

Baker's goods inside the Roundhouse

Jams and Preserves inside the Roundhouse

Handcrafts inside the Roundhouse

Showground Grandstand facing the Rodeo ground

Oh!  I forgot the circus was also in town and also at the showground - no wild animals, just ponies, dogs, clowns and acrobats


Janet said...

Looks like my kind of place where I end up spending a fortune !

JohnD said...

Surprisingly, if you are choosey, there are lots of bargains - my chestnuts, bread and bottle of cherry port cost me $AUS12