Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flood repair work progresses

We made a trip out west - I had a days work to do for a gold mine out near Parkes - and on our way we had to detour cross-country to get past this bridge that had a complete span taken out by severe floods late last year. The pylons have bee replaced and now the debate is whether to build a causeway with a retaining wall to abutt the existing bridge, or, to replace the span?


Sharon said...

Except for the bridge damage - that is one very nice picture! Have a good weekend, John!

Jim said...

I guess whatever will survive the next 'natural event'!
I liked your comment re Middle East conflict. Thanks John and I replied on that post.

LindaG said...

Louisiana uses levees, or retaining walls to control flooding. Some of them have roads on them, but most have roads beside them.

Crazy weather. Hope your leg is healing well, John!

JohnD said...

Linda, it's not flat country but mountainous ravines. Bridge was built 25 years ago and intended to withstand a a 1 in 100 year flood. Guess the flood came sooner than 100 years after construction! LOL!