Monday, May 30, 2011

Off to Canberra this morning

First of two trips this week. Today its to see the Dermatologist and fortunately the episode of Bowen's Disease I had on my hand seems to have cleared up with her treatment. Going to ask her to look at a spot on my back that I cannot see or get to but is quite irritating.

Then I'll do some shopping - want to get over to Seere's Workwear at Fyshwick and see if I can locate some woolen work shirts.

Forecast is currently 1C with a top of 15C and some late showers forecast, so Denny-the-Dog is going to have to be a 'real dog' and find a warm spot outside this morning - I'll leave his coat on him.

Taking my pocket camera with me so I'll be on the look out for some interesting photos. Canberra is home to some rather contentious exhibits of public art, not without stirring up some controversy over both their cost and subject matter.

C'ya's all later!


LindaG said...

Safe trip to you, John!

Sharon said...

Chilly morning! I hope you get the rest of your spots taken care of!

I haven't seen any public art for a while, been in the boonies too long, I guess.