Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"The Black Dog"!

At present I'm dealing with "The Black Dog"! An important part of getting myself 'right' again is admitting to my feelings and telling others how I feel. Not talking about being depressed and trying to deny it/avoid it only makes it worse.

Dealing with depression means going through the collection, evaluation and interpretation of information and beliefs I have gathered throughout my lifetime, the current information inflaming my depression. In sense, you become a student, an inquisitive learner reflecting and researching yourself, objectively and accurately. Ultimately, its up to me to take control of my mood state by taking control of myself. Having spent two years in one-on-one psycho-analytic therapy as part of my requirements to work in particular psychiatric settings, I am well equipped to undertake this 'self-evaluation'.

Its not easy at present - Rhonda's away at a nursing conference and I wont see her again until Wednesday evening when we will meet up at "The Camp". Its also winter, so its cold outside and we have a an atmospheric Low Pressure trough moving in out of off the Antarctic bringing blizzards into the Snowy Mountains, not far from here. Mostly there's not much that can be done outdoors, however, its important to make an effort to get out and about.

I have Denny-the-Dog who needs to be walked.

On Sunday I planted some tubers in a small garden bed that had long been neglected.

Rhonda left yesterday but she waited until the company installing our new solar panel electricity generation system turned up so that there would be someone else around.

Today the electrician turned up to connect our new solar generator to the grid. Later, I will be going up the town and pay some accounts and I'm meeting an ex-workmate for lunch.

Tonight I am going to watch a movie - either Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds",

 or, Jamie Foxx in "The Kingdom".

Given that "Inglorious Basterds" is a 'black' movie I may opt for Jamie Foxx but I do prefer Brad Pitt.

So, you see it is important that when fighting "The Black Dog" you have a plan for your day and keep to an organised schedule - less time to retreat into the melancholy world.

Anyhow, must go, rug up and take Denny down to the pond and feed the ducks!


LindaG said...

How wonderful to have a solar generator! I'd like one, but they are a bit too expensive for us.
Good luck with the tubers!
After my somewhat not-quite-perfect experience, I've decided I have to try them again and just get the starters from somewhere else! :)

Jo said...

I hope you are ok. Sounds like you have a plan!