Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Drama in the cold and sleet

Well, its cold here tonight and going to -3C later and a top of 14C later - better than todays top of 10C in Yass, I spose?

Just getting dinner on and the kitchen light blows - so out to the lock-up for a bulb and into the alcove for a ladder. Its sleeting snow:

My poor old flowering pear is bare!

Rhonda says "No way you are climbing up there!" so she takes over.

Note the torch in the mouth! LOL!

Meanwhile, Denny-the-Dog  consoled me in the warm loungeroom:

OK! Light bulb changed, Rhonda has our seafood marinara in tomato, basil and garlic sauce cooking (I can smell it) and no doubt is getting the pasta on.  I'm off, time for a pre-dinner drink (or two!)

C'ya all later!


LindaG said...

Hehe. Denny has a great shoulder!
Hopefully your pear tree will be back for a visit in the spring. :)

Sharon said...

I hate when a light blows, I can't do ladders anymore and if DH is gone, I can sit there in the dark.

Pasta.... MMmmmm! Sounds good!

Love the look on Denny's face in the last pic!

JohnD said...

Denny's a real cutey - loves his mummy and daddy - and as placid as can be! A real sook!