Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still going

Rained all night - 15mm in rain gauge - have to leave for Canberra shortly and consult with dermatologist to have more parts scraped and burnt off.

Then home - quick visit to the supermarket - walk Denny - pack the car and off to "The Camp" to meet up with Rhonda after her two day seminar.

Rhonda rang last night, it was cold and snowing during the day, many of the nurses had to abandon the seminar and head home early. She went to the hospital in the morning and they knew nothing about any nursing seminar, eventually found out it was being held in a convention centre in the city, so she back-tracked and arrived late (but so what - Bloody Royal College of Nursing! That lot couldn't organise a free piss-up at a brewery! GRRRR!). Anyway, her accommodation is simply luxurious, hotel/motel high on a hillside overlooking a vineyard, king-sized bed all to herself.

I hope she managed to get some photos with the little Nikon pocket camera I sent her with?

Slept last night, right through except for a couple of time I woke to hear the sound of rain on the roof. The new solar panels for the generator are right above our bedroom and the 'roof noises' are quite different. The possums will have fun trying to get across the glassy surface - LOL!

Must go - cheers to all!


LindaG said...

Happy day/evening to you all! :)

John Gray said...

did you get my email!?

chin up

Jim said...

Hi John,
Do you lose power often in the winter? Thus, the solar panels for the generator?

JohnD said...

Mostly only at night, LOL! Yess - the panels are affixed to the roof in (preferably) a north-easterly aspect and any occlusion by overcast or shadows (trees, chimneys, telegraph poles - even power lines) will lessen the ability to generate output. Mine face NNW, so in winter mainly only get the afternoon sun. At present it is nearly 2pm on a bright sunny afternoon and the panels are churning out electricity at 1,130 watts/hour. This effectively pays for my daytime lighting and most 'stand-by' appliances - TV, DVD player, PC, Microwave, etc. Anything I do not consume first is pumped back into the grid and I receive a small rebate frm the power utility - at present 40c/kw but that is now subject to government debate.

Jim said...

Thanks John.

JohnD said...

Solar generators are usually installed to augment electricity supply. They do not have any/much effect to any normal power outage. They purely an economic installation.

JohnD said...

JohnG - Yes! i did get your email and thank you for the support!