Monday, June 13, 2011

Thousands still stranded

Stranded: Tens of thousands of passengers are stuck on the ground (ABC TV)

Some flights out of Melbourne, Tasmania and New Zealand will resume this morning after a volcanic ash cloud brought chaos to air travel across Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand at the weekend. Tens of thousands of travellers remain stranded after dozens of flights were cancelled as the ash plume from the Puyehue volcano streamed across the Atlantic and Indian oceans and into Australian and New Zealand airspace.

Strong winds have carried the ash some 9,400 kilometres since Chile's Puyehue
volcano erupted more than a week ago. (AFP: Claudio Santana)

In developments this morning:
•Virgin said it would recommence flights out of Melbourne from about 7:30am (AEST).
•Some Virgin flights out of Tasmania and New Zealand will resume at around the same time.
•Qantas said no flights would fly in or out of Melbourne, Tasmania or New Zealand until at least 10:00am (AEST).
•Jetstar said flights would remain on hold until midday at the earliest.
•Tiger Airways said its flights would remain grounded until at least 11:30am (AEST)

Tasmania had a bright orange sunset as ash from the Chilean
volcano drifts over the state. (Used with permission: Tom Luttrell)

Airlines are waiting for more information from weather bureaus and the Australian Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre in Darwin to see whether further cancellations are necessary, and are recommending passengers check the status of their flights online before arriving at the airport.

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LindaG said...

That is so crazy. Not in a bad way, just, wow. Pictures tell the story.