Monday, July 4, 2011

Back in the saddle again.

After a break of nearly 12 months, while I had total replacements of both knees, today I returned to Volunteer Community Driver duties for our council's Home Living Support Services.

Had an old mental health patient who had to be taken to a nearby regional centre for some specialist X-Ray imagery. I thing the HLSS managers must have gone through their list of drivers and culled them down to me. I must make a note in my diary and next time I must remember to take along a can of car air freshener - Phew-eeee!!!!! LOL!

Still, it was good to get that first 'drive' done, amazing how it all just comes back to you!

Have another 'drive' booked for Friday - an elderly man going to the eye hospital with his wife accompanying him. I'm to wait and bring them back, so it could be a long day - I'll take a sandwich and a flask of hot water to make a cup of tea and a good book to read!


Sharon said...

Your title brought that old Gene Autry (sp?) song to mind. (Out where a friend is a friend...) Happy you are back to your volunteer work!

JohnD said...

Yee Hawww!