Sunday, August 21, 2011

Denny and Horatio

Horatio is a local cat - a very special local cat - a real character.

Horatio is pure white and has blue eyes and lives at The Globe Bed and Breakfast down the road, but likes to sunbake in my front yard - probably cause its fenced off. What is extra special about Horatio is that he only has three legs!  Years back he was set upon by a dog and mauled badly. The local vet tried to save his back leg but to no avail and eventually it was amputated.

Horatio gives all dogs a wide berth these days - that is all dogs but my Denny.

Denny likes to sit on the front verandah, watching the world go by and sunning himself. Often he shares that area with Horatio. For some unknown reason they both accept each other and get along well together, regarding each other as "friends".

Last week I was working at re-building my front garen beds and had Denny out the front with me when along comes Horatio for a sunbaking snooze and roll about. I grabbed my camera and took some photos of the two - Denny on the verandah over-sighting things and Horatio down on the grass enjoying the sun.


John Gray said...

denny is one of those dogs that always looks like he is smiling!

Sharon said...

Aah, how nice to have a friend to warm up in the sun with! Both adorable!

We used to have a three legged cat too, because of an illegal trap, set in the neighborhood.

JohnD said...

Denny is a truly placid dog! He rarely barks but when he does it is always a cause for concern - a certain warning, for us or towards others.

LindaG said...

That is great that they are both friends.
They are certainly both very pretty animals. :)