Monday, September 19, 2011

Charlie and Boots

Official Review: The concept of an Australian comedy featuring the once-in-a-lifetime pair-up of Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogan and Shane "Kenny" Jacobson would appear foolproof. And while this movie doesn't live up to all of its potential, Charlie & Boots (the sophomore effort of director Dean Murphy, who previously teamed up with Paul Hogan for 2004's Strange Bedfellows) is an endearing, poignant and sweet comedy-drama. This is a film infused with so much heart that even the feel-good clich├ęs it occasionally employs seem charming. It's simply an ideal vehicle for its two primary stars.

The plot line is reasonably straightforward. After the tragic death of his beloved wife Grace (Thompson), Charlie (Hogan) - a hardworking farmer - is left devastated and withdrawn. On a whim, his older son Boots (Jacobson) decides to take an impromptu fishing trip with Charlie, as it could shake his old man out of the doldrums and perhaps repair the rift between them. Once Boots gets Charlie in the car, he informs him they'll be travelling from their Victorian hometown to Cape York (thousands of kilometres away) for a spot of fishing off the country's northernmost tip (a trip long promised but never accomplished). Charlie is at first none too co-operative, but Boots does his best to be upbeat. Along the way they pick up an attractive young female hitchhiker with boyfriend trouble (Griffin), and they fend off a succession of older women who are interested in Charlie.

My comments - has its moments as a comedy and the movie keeps moving. Some clever lines (if you are Australian and understand the significance) but it is worth watching simply for the stunning scenary.

Trivia: During the end credits, Paul Hogan's character wonders how long it took to paint the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Paul Hogan worked as a painter on the bridge prior to making it as an actor/comedian

The car in which Charlie and Boots travel is the iconic Australian built Holden Kingswood sedan and the mauve utility Jess' boyfriend, Tristan, drives is the Kingswood utility model - the preferred vehicle of country youth!
6.5 out of 10


Sharon said...

Sorry, can't get loaded, not enough signal. Sounds like a bit of fun!

John Gray said...

looks soppy but I think I would enjoy it . thanks john

LindaG said...

If it plays here, I will go see it!