Sunday, September 25, 2011

Computer hacking to gain access

Been getting heaps of calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft support services saying that they have been getting reports that my computer is showing up as having problems when receiving downloads - that 3rd parties are attempting to gain access and install malaware systems. Usually these calls are at what would be meal times  in Australia. The callers have a distinctive sub-continent accent but use christian names like James, Michael, David, etc. Their ploy is to get you to go to your computer and to facilitate their 'remote access' to your computer to 'fix the problem'.

This is a con! A scam! - Do not let anyone except the support desk from your own ISP gain remote access to your PC - and even in the latter, they won't call you, you have to call them!

I annoy the crap out of them by giving monosyllabic "Yes!" and "No!" answers to all their questions and not providing them with any definite information or commitment. On a couple of occasions the caller has had to 'treansfer me to their supervisor' - upon which I continued the "Yes! and "No!" answers. They all hung up.

One supervisor who did hang up did so but not before saying "Australians! You are all imbeciles!"

The calls have ceased over the past few days!


John Gray said...

you are more polite than I
they get a curt
"f&ck off"

JohnD said...

Better to harrass and frustrate them than merely annoying and upsetting them - besides, it's good sport! lol!

LindaG said...

Hahahahaha!!!!!! Good for you, John. :)

Anonymous said...

have the same problem over here......

Gill in Canada