Sunday, October 23, 2011

7 day forecast

It has been warm - up to 30°C here - fine and very dry with no breezes to speak of. The grass has been growing like crazy, I've cut it twice in three days. This is our forecast for the next 7 days:

Sun Oct 23   Mon Oct 24  Tue Oct 25  Wed  Oct 26  Thu Oct 27   Fri Oct 28  Sat Oct 29

Sunny           Windy            Rain            Showers          Sunny          Showers     Shower

Max 29°C     28°C             19°C             19°C             20°C            22°C           21°C

Min12°C       16°C             14°C               9°C                9°C             9°C           10°C

Rain 40%       90%             90%               80%               30%             90%           90%

Rain 1-5mm    5-10mm       5-10mm        1-5mm           1-5mm           5-10mm     5-10mm

Who can explain these odd - even bizarre - weather patterns?


Sharon said...

Seasonal transition OR
Roller-coaster effect OR
Global Warming OR
Global Cooling OR
An El Nino OR
A La Nina...


LindaG said...

I'm sure there are people somewhere who think they could. Some would probably say 'global warming'.
Some people would blame it on George Bush, like they tried to blame him for Katrina...

Personally, I think the shifting magnetic poles are affecting the weather more than anyone will admit to.

How accurate are your weather people? I've seen ours predict 90% and we get 0. Then they predict 10% and it rains half the day.

Good luck with the weather next week. Have a good one!