Saturday, October 8, 2011

Venomous Cottonmouths II

Saw Barb's post from 3 Acre Homestead about  venomous cottonmouth snake and remembered these photos a friend, an electrical services linesman in Texas, sent me a few years back. He was called to a job to connect power from the mains to a disused powerbox and this is what he found.

Not A nice welcoming sight at all - held up the job all morning until they could get a snake handler to remove them (It was on National Park grounds, so destroying them was a last option and would have involved mountains of 'environmentally-related' paperwork.)

As Barb's sister pointed out, the dark colour indicates that these are juveniles that were hatched in a convenient site for the Momma snake!


Sharon said...

EW! I don't like seeing those, we have them here too! Scary!

LindaG said...

I don't like snakes any more than I like spiders (or any bugs, really, haha), but we have them at the retirement property, too.

Those and copperheads and other types of snakes. Fortunately the only snakes I've seen at this house have been mostly harmless.

That would have just creeped me out.