Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why is it ........?

When you drive into a service station to fill up with petrol (and you have to take position on the end of the queue for the next available bowser) that the vehicles in front of you finish their transactions and drive off and some clown drives in the opposite way and blocks your exit?

Why is it .......?
When the above happens there are already vehicles pulled up behind you so you cannot reverse out?

Why is it .......?
After all of the above, you go to pay and there are one or two people in front of you, the first one's credit card won't work, so there's a delay while they find one that does?

Why is it .......?
That the second person in the queue above decides that the delay is an option to 'grab some snacks' from the adjacent racks, then it takes another five minutes for the attendant to process their purchases (plus pay for their fuel!)

Why is it .......?
That the person above will always select one item that's not been programmed into the cashier's computerised till and she has to call for the manager to come and unlock the system so that he can look up the price and key it in?

Oh! well! Guess being retired gives me heaps of time to waste!


Sharon said...

I guess that's what happens when you give Murphy a ride!

LindaG said...

Been there!

Jo said...

I don't get why people go into the station from different sides. Surely it is easier if everyone is facing the same way?? Sorry - pet peeve!