Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kerbside Sunday - a roadside sideshow!

Every couple of years our council has a 'Kerbside Sunday' pick up of (selective) items households want to divest themselves of.  Its usually quite fun, 'cos many put there junk out early in the week and the 'cruisers' start coming round, picking over your junk (which is their treasure!)

This year its no different. Ours didn't even make the kerbside. We had a a propane gas BBQ - a huge thing on wheels  - which was fine when we had kids and were entertaining, etc but it just outgrew our needs. A little WeberQ pro bench top is on the Christmas list!

Anyway, our neighbours saw us taking it out and stopped us - theirs was in worse condition than ours, so they took ours and put their own one out. LOL! Same thing happened to a huge 70" screen TV we were storing for our daughter - she didn't want it, it needs a 'set-top box' to pick up digital TV signals and had no cords or remotes. No worries, our neighbour's friend had a set top box and heaps of cords and a universal remote - you know, one remote that runs everything from your TV, DVD player, sound system and right down to your coffee maker and donut warmer! LOL - so another piece failed to make the grade.

Rhonda had a red painted clay pot that nothing would grow in - everything we put in it died, I reckon the clay was contaminated - so it didn't even reach the kerb!  A vehicle pulled up and this lady got out and just walked over and took it out of Rhonda's hands. We tried to tell her but she said she was going to use it for decorative storage, so we let her take it!

This morning, I look outside at my neighbours pile of 'junk' and what had been a neatly stacked huge pile is greatly reduced in size and spread along the grass verge - he's out their now, re-stacking it all.

I saw one car stop and ADD to the pile. I made a comment to my neighbour and he reckons that sometimes people stop and because they know they are being watched they feel they have to take 'something', even if they don't really want it. Often they drive around the corner and divest themselves of it on someone else's verge.

Oh well, still six days to go before collection time, so let's see what happens during the week!


Sharon said...

Oh, that does sound like fun! I would be so happy to unload half of the junk in the garage, it's all good, just dusty as everything from being out there so long - waiting for this kid or that kid to pick up! (Well, there may be a mouse or two in there too)

Thanks with the help for Jill!

LindaG said...

Haha. That happens here, too.

Maria said...

I have a gorgeous glass yellow planter that won't grow anything either. Drives me NUTS. I have tried everything and now we just refer to it as "satan" and it sits in our garage. I have no idea why we keep it, probably because it truly is beautiful, just....unusable.