Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas with family

Well, the day started with an ominous sunrise:

But the red sunrise was a false warning and soon the family arrived, Daughter Kathleen,

 Partner Anthony,

 and grandsons Aidan (9) and James(6) (with our Denny-the-dog):

and while the boys kept Denny-the-dog preoccupied with a typical boy-dog game of "fetch  while we hide":

the adults just sat around and chatted:

Soon the dog was plumb tuckered out":

And so were the boys:
Aidan - minus one shoe - enjoys "Pa's" recluse area where Pa pots and potters and sits and read.

Soon it was time for lunch and we all sat down to a sumptuous roast lamb lunch that Rhonda had prepared:

After lunch, the boys resume play:

Some views of my yard:

English Elderberry tree, left, (4 year old) and potted tomatoes, two of the three rainwater storage tanks. the garden tool shed and a decrepit orange that I've given up on and about to be replaced by either a Flowering Plum (tall tree to right top)  or an oriental silk tree or 'Mimosa'.

An example of the Oriental Silk Tree/Mimosa in bloom - they come in a white, yellow, orange or bright pink flower

Mature black olive which is now fruiting

Newest black olive that has just had its first pruning.

Denny, Liquid Amber Tree behind him (4 years old), machinery shed (right) and shade house to the left and Mt Carmel School Science and Library building in background.


cathy@home said...

A love when family comes to visit.

Gill - That British Woman said...

great to see where you live and to see your family,


Jim said...

It was good to meet the family, John! That lamb sounded good! Now those trees.....they look very healthy....the silk tree is a new one to me. Probably wouldn't survive this far north!

You asked about the macro lens' price in 'your own aussie slang'////well it was $299.00 Cdn.
Happy New Year to you and yours!